Monday, December 21, 2015

Garden love

It's been scorching hot in Johannesburg during the past 2 months, with daytime temperatures between 30 and 36 degrees most days.  That's not hot for Africa, but it is unusual for Johannesburg - we have a reasonably mild climate with average mid-Summer temperatures around 28-30 degrees. 
My garden is battling in the heat and many plants have died, even with extra watering from the rainwater tanks.  I've had to replace several plants, so it's great that most of the nurseries are having sales.

Of course the new plants had to pass the kitty inspection and approval test
This is the view of my garden from my bedroom window


  1. Your garden is a real peaceful oasis ... I am sad that it has taken a beating in this unusually hot weather we are having. I guess if you didn't have the rain tanks it would have been worse.

  2. It's great to enjoy the hot weather but not when it potentially can ruin all your hard work!

    I do like to be eco-friendly and have found that rain fill tanks are definitely the 'way to go' when trying to keep my garden green.

    Mine fits snugly on the patio and is an integral part of the garden now.

    Bert Aguilar @ Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies