Thursday, August 6, 2015

The comfort of family

While I was at home for 3 weeks recovering from foot surgery, my brother Robbie, my sister-in-law Tonia and the girls came to visit.  I was starting to suffer from some serious cabin fever, so their visit was well timed.  We went out for a few meals.
Lunch at Papachinos (the Clearwater branch) was great - the food was excellent (just very expensive), the service was great, and the children's playground was fantastic.  The girls played non-stop, and there were a few child-minders around to watch the children while we relaxed in the winter sunshine.
Katy and Elizabeth are crazy about horses at the moment


The next morning, we had breakfast at Urban Angel, an outstanding organic café in Boskruin, Johannesburg.  It's a very relaxed venue with good service and great food.  I really try to support small businesses whenever possible. 

Nothing wrong with a chocolate milkshake for breakfast! 
Elizabeth really has my sweet tooth, poor baby

Here is more of the life lesson to us as adults about letting go - letting
Elizabeth pour her own tomato sauce onto her plate.   

 It comforted me to have my family around for a few days, especially as I wasn't feeling great.


  1. Nothing like family. Lovely photos to document your day out. Look after yourself.

  2. Always wonderful to have family around. Love the photos! I am amazed at how quickly the girls are growing.