Friday, February 6, 2015

Birthday photos

Here are some birthday photos to share from 24 January...

I am so very blessed to have these people in my life

with my mom, Shirley

I LOVED having the children at my party!! 4 of my nieces attended - Jamie and Elizabeth (next to me), and Annah behind me.  Miss Boo is Bridget's daughter

the chef had a pizza-making event for the children - they loved making the pizza's, but were less interested in eating them

with my beautiful sister Caron and step-mother Brenda 

of course I had kitty cupcakes, made by my friend Tanya (photo below) from Blooming Beautiful Bakes

It was a magnificent afternoon with my family and friends at Afrique Boutique Hotel, and a tea tasting by Dee Sedikela from The Tea Merchant in Clearwater Mall

my sister-in law Tonia 

Lynette and Leonie 

my niece Elizabeth 

Bothlale (Boo) 

my niece Jamie 
my niece Annah  

with Anet, Tonia's mom and my friend 

Anet's mother, Ouma 


with Bridget and Boo 

my sister-in-law, Leanne  


with Gisela 

with Cathy,  who did my hair for the party


with my cousin Bev and her daughter Amy 

with my friend Wendy, who came all the way from Greyton in the Cape

with Fiona, we studied together years ago and have always stayed in touch
Hello 50 - let's do this!

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  1. Welcome to the 50's my friend!!!!

    I LOVE the last photo ... You look absolutely gorgeous!!!!