Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Scrapbooking weekend

The Scrap Addicts spent last weekend at a Randburg guest house to enjoy our annual Christmas Scrapbooking retreat.  We save a set amount each month for the year, so that everything is paid for by December.   
Everyone arrived by around 4pm, and we filled the little conference room with our scrapping supplies for the weekend.  On Friday evening, we shared Christmas gifts, and then the lights went off.  Load shedding is big at the moment in South Africa - it is sooo frustrating!  Fortunately, our host had a generator, so we were able to power up a few desk lamps and carry on scrapping. 




Linda had these cute T-shirts printed for us

cute mini father Christmas candles - this
could freak small children out because his head is on fire!

scrapbooking during loadshedding - we cannot be stopped!


I headed to bed by 11pm, and was back at my scrap table by 7am the next morning.  Breakfast was included in the price of the B&B, and we had our evening meals delivered by Bev, a caterer from Bryanston.  Lynn ordered a delicious Greek Coconut cake for us from The Tart.


  1. A fabulous weekend all round. Scrapping and chatting with your best friends.

  2. Another FANTASTIC scrapbooking weekend!